Could Your Landscape Use A New Addition?

Install a water feature on your property in Sparks or Reno, NV

Natural elements, like the sound of a nearby stream or the sight of a bathing bird, can create a relaxing and nurturing environment. If these things aren't naturally occurring on your property, you can install water features to create them. Longhorn Landscaping is a preferred team for hardscaping services in the Sparks & Reno, NV area.

You can trust us perform reliable installations, so you won't have to deal with leaks or complications down the line. We'll ensure your water feature keeps flowing long term. Tell us about the features you're interested in now.

3 reasons to get a water feature

There are many benefits to adding a water feature to your landscape. You can install one on your property to:

  • Attract local wildlife
  • Boost your curb appeal
  • Increase your property value
Once you have a water feature, you'll wonder how you went so long without one. Hire us for hardscaping services in Sparks or Reno, NV today. You can call us at 775-247-7681 or email us at