A BBQ built into the foundation of your house, deck, garage or even attached to the side of your house will solve many problems for you and your family. You can have a restaurant quality grill right in your own back yard. This design feature allows you take advantage of me being located close to I-380 highway at exit 18. All the major highways are only minutes away. A BBQ built in is a beautiful addition to any home. My customers love it!

A Built-In BBQ creates an opportunity to create a focal point around the outside of your home or add character to an existing structure. The fully Customizable - Wide range of sizes, shapes and colors from which to choose, Wide range of indoor/outdoor components as well as different cooking methods and accessories available. Low Maintenance - Products are designed for low maintenance. They're made of durable materials with simple mechanical components. Of course, BBQ's need some attention and maintenance but not nearly as much work as a traditional wooden structure or other outdoor kitchen configurations would need. This is particularly useful for customers living in high traffic

Our BBQs are customized to fit any outdoor environment, from a big backyard to a small patio. We have 3 options for BBQs in West Michigan: Built-in, Custom Patio, and Commercial.