Pavers are concrete bricks. They are useful for a variety of reasons. Their durability and style can make any walkway, patio or driveway look fantastic. They last longer than asphalt or wood, and in the case of retaining walls do not require maintenance. There is no graffiti potential with pavers, which may be an issue with other types of surface material. Pavers are also a potentially environmentally friendly product to use in construction because they lock up carbon dioxide as they cure instead of emitting any carbon dioxide.

Paver projects can offer a number of benefits. Pavers create a smooth and level surface for easy landscaping. They are far more versatile than concrete, brick, or stone pavers and can be installed in a variety of long-lasting materials including: brick, river rock, concrete, limestone and clay pavers. Pavers allow for increased permeability (allows rain water to drain quickly) compared to traditional hardscape with improved drainage & an ADA compliant surface. Many people prefer the look of natural stone pavers offering a variation in design/coloring with limitless possibilities as to how they can be installed. Also, pavers

Pavers are man-made flagstones of inlaid colored concrete that can be installed in the foundation of a house, driveway or walkway. A paver job can be the beginning of a patio, walkway, mini river rock or backyard fire pit. Pavers make outdoor living areas more pleasurable than ever and have many benefits such as, durability, style, and low maintenance.