Free Your Yard From Dirt and Debris

Restore your landscape with yard clean up & yard cleaning service in Sparks & Reno, NV by calling (775) 247-7681

Seasonal changes may bring new weather. However, they also bring fallen leaves, dead annual plants and yard debris. Don't let your yard turn into a wasteland. Hire Longhorn Landscaping LLC for yard cleanup services. Since we value the environment, we'll take all weeds and overgrown plants or brush and convert them into compost.

We provide yard cleaning for commercial and residential properties in the Sparks & Reno, NV area. Contact our team today to receive your free estimate.

Leave the hauling services to the experts

Don't rent complicated machinery when you need to haul snow or debris away. Instead, take advantage of our hauling services. Our team will make sure any undesired or obstructive items are hauled away and recycled.

If you need hauling services in the Sparks & Reno, NV area, call now to schedule your appointment.